Travel Music - Solo Bass

1. Travel Music 4:34 - Sample
2. Livin' Large 7:13 - Sample
3. Human Being 7:07
4. Nitro, Don't Leave Home Without It 10:28
5. MI 8:15
6. Oil 5:36
7. Zephyr Revisited 3:37 - Sample
8. Alabama 8:06

Recorded August 28 & September 30, 2010. All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered at Sertso Studio, Woodstock, NY by Ted Orr

All compositions by Michael Bisio (AMB Music ASCAP) except Human Being: Charlie Haden (Harmolodic Inc) and Alabama: John Coltrane (Jowcol Music Inc BMI)

"Overall the album has its own charm, a quality which emerges from the strong personality of the author, at ease in his solitary role, between the vanguard and tradition, between passion for the instrument in its traditional role and look to the future." - Vittorio Lo Conte, Music Zoom

"This album spells it out for you, in ways that are exhilarating, breathtaking, moving, and meditative in turn. Do not miss it." - Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Guitar

"There is a really huge palate of color, timbre and style on this release: The fourth track, Nitro, don't leave home without it, is a trip, and if you can imagine a journey from Mingus to Joelle Leandre and back over ten and a half minutes, this might well be the soundtrack. The production on this recording is really first rate, the bass tone is fat and alive, and there is a rich array of depth and detail in the colors and textures. An absorbing release reflecting the heterogeneity of the bassist's twenty-five year career." - Robert Nairn, Bass World, The Magazine of the International Society of Bassists

"The first thing one notices is that big rubbery Bisio sound. His instrument sounds so big and beautiful and he can wrench some of the most alien sounds from it. But he also can coax some of the most glorious melodies and make them ring out as clearly as if they were coming from a guitar or a trumpet. And while Bisio is one of the finest Free Jazz bassists, even when playing Free his music still sounds very considered with a lot of thought going into what's about to come out. Of course, the same holds true of his composed material." - Robert Iannapollo, Cadence

"Travel Music, besides being one of the essential and most austere works of the creative corpus of Michael Bisio, accounts for the double truth to remind us that art is a journey into the fullness of being human." - Sergio Piccirilli, el intruso

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