"They may have used traditional tools and materials but they've built something decidedly unconventional."

Photo by Peter Gannuskin
Kirk Knuffke, Art Bailey, Michael Bisio, Michael Wimberly

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“Contemplative yet challenging concert…”

“Bisio takes a prominent role, guiding and directing the ensemble from behind his bass, and laying down sturdy contrapuntal commentary. His speech like inflections are noteworthy during his wiry fast fingered solo passage on "Henry's Theme" and also in his lyric intro to the attractive mid tempo ballad "I Want To Do To You What Spring Does To Cherry Trees."   John Sharpe

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“I Want to Do to You What Spring Does to Cherry Trees” is one of the most purely lovely pieces of music in recent memory." - Phil Freeman, NYCJR (Jan. 2016)

" les éléments constitutifs de cette musique circulent de bon gré dans l’atmosphère, tels des abeilles esquissant un délicat ballet de fleur en fleur, dans un bocage dont l’enivrante abondance s’étend jusqu’à l’horizon."

"The elements of this music willingly navigate the atmosphere, such as bees sketching a delicate ballet from flower to flower, in a grove which intoxicating abundance extends to the farthest reachings of the horizon. " - David Cristol, Improjazz

“Bisio’s never been bashful about bringing his bass to virtually any party, be it solo, ensemble or orchestra. Engaging musical possibilities trump technical and logistical challenges throughout his lengthy list of previous projects.”-  Derek Taylor

"There's much to listen for on "Accortet" - the sound quality is excellent (kudos to Jim Clouse of Park West Studio in Brooklyn, NY), the compositions are thoughtful, and the musicianship unbeatable.  Kurt Knuffke continues to impress in every setting he plays in and Art Bailey's musical palette shows how he continues to expand the vocabulary of the accordion. And the rhythm section keeps the music moving while being melodic and adding so many colors.  Michael Bisio's music continues to evolve while continuing to challenge and reward the avid listener. " - Richard Gamins

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"This might be Michael Bisio's finest moment, it will be difficult to do any better." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

"Whether navigating the glacially-paced contours of "Henry's Theme" or blazing through the quicksilver tempo changes of "Giant Chase," Bisio and company invest the proceedings with keen invention, using a bracing combination of adventurous textural gambits, dynamic group interplay and old-fashioned swing. A most unanticipated release, Accortet truly embodies what venerated jazz critic Whitney Balliett called "the sound of surprise."

"The unique sound of the accordion is more than a hook, it interlocks naturally and in a casual manner with the bassist's concept to make this a complete statement."

"And then the way the foursome work together collectively and individually is something to hear. There is inspired lucidity in the improvisational interactions. Knuffke gives us some of his best work, Bailey is terrific, Wimberly does everything right and of course Michael comes through with some of his most varied and eloquent playing, channeling everything into a Bisionian expression. You can listen to what he does alone with great profit. But of course it is in the end the totality which excels, the combination of great tunes and great playing."   gapplegateguitar.blogspot.com/2015/08/michael-bisio-accortet.html

"In short, it's the interaction among the players using paths least taken that bring life to Bisio's compositions, no matter how structured or loose those songs are. Like everything else Michael Bisio is involved with, empathy is a key element in making it all work. I like the sound of accordion (and cornet) in jazz very much, but Accortet is much more than just putting together slightly odd combination of instruments. The guys playing those instruments flat out thrive in unusual settings and while they often stretch out, they never lose their grip on tradition."     S.Victor Aaron  

"L'interazione fra i musicisti, qui come altrove nell'intero disco, rende le composizioni di Bisio vive, cariche di un'urgenza espressiva che si realizza nell?immediato."

"Quickly the flame turns blue - concentrated and cooking."

Contact: Michael Bisio    bisio@earthlink.net    917 968 0579

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Kirk Knuffke, Michael Bisio, Art Bailey, Michael Wimberly, photo by Peter Gannuskin, downtownmusic.net
Michael Bisio, Art Bailey, Kirk Knuffke, Michael Wimberly, photo by Peter Gannuskin, downtownmusic.net
Michael Bisio, photo by Peter Gannuskin, downtownmusic.net

Photos: Peter Gannuskin  downtownmusic.net