Michael Bisio, Newman Taylor Baker 

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Photo: R.I. Sutherland-Cohen

Matthew Shipp Trio
From the album, The Conduct of Jazz (Thirsty Ear):

The Conduct of Jazz
The Bridge Across

Live at the Stone, NYC - April 2013
Engineer: Randy Thaler,
MS3 Excerpt 1

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New York City Jazz Records Concerts of the Year 2015   Matthew Shipp/Michael Bisio @ Zurcher Gallery (5/27)


“27 years after his debut release in 1988, Matthew Shipp remains a sonic explorer from that generation of musicians who have stayed true to the history of jazz while remaining open to contemporary influences. That spirit suffused his performance this night with fellow traveler Michael Bisio.” - John Diliberto

"Matthew Shipp is the connection of the past, present and future for jazz heads of all ages." - Ken Micallef

"Shipp and his longtime confederate bassist Michael Bisio could not have made a better choice than welcoming the experienced Newman Taylor Baker as partner in crime. When Bisio and Baker lay down the rhythm for Matt's improvisations, they punctuate his tunes so adeptly that it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between the three artists."


" - the familiar strengths are still evident: near telepathic interplay; ability to turn on a dime; robustly independent thought; instrumental virtuosity; and a willingness to subsume ego for the collective benefit."  - John Sharpe

"For three-plus groundbreaking decades, out-jazz iconoclast Matthew Shipp has reigned supreme over New York City's avant-garde scene, a pioneer alongside composer giants like William Parker and John Zorn. The tireless visionary who put his stamp on now-shuttered lower Manhattan experimental hubs now brings his EV vibes uptown to Jazz at Lincoln Center. With longtime bassist Michael Bisio and new drummer Newman Taylor Baker in tow, Shipp hits Dizzy's for a victory lap celebrating a 2015 that rightfully landed him on "Best Jazz Records of 2015" everywhere. Beginning with 2012's Elastic Aspects and continuing with '14's Root of Things, To Duke (released earlier this year) and most recently with The Conduct of Jazz, Shipp and his trio continue breaking their genre?s mold with an ecstatic post-bop swing, thick with shapeshifting thrills and adventurous phraseology." - Brad Cohen 

"Matthew Shipp's Trio is rightly acknowledged as one of the world's finest and they didn't disappoint, producing a set of insistent driving momentum, which swept the audience along with it." - John Sharpe, The New York City Jazz Record

"Like jugglers with balls in the air, Shipp, Bisio and Baker dealt in the unexpected, from dazzling trio crescendos possessing a certain horror-movie quality to weird, bubbly space funk." - Ken Micallef

"Bisio and Baker share an uncanny conversational rapport with Shipp; their cubistic dialogue blurs the lines between accompanist and soloist, exponentially expanding the rhythm section's role in the process."  - Troy Collins

"The Shipp Trio has become a phenomena unto itself."
"Certainly the Shipp Trio here make a case for a simultaneity of stylistic preoccupations that transcends the splitting of categories in jazz practice."

"*File The Conduct of Jazz in the 'essential listening' category." ***** Glenn Astarita

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"A glance at pianist Matthew Shipp's discography shows that small group work has long been a focus. Indeed in recent times one of the prime outlets for his artistry is his classic piano trio, which ranks among the pre-eminent outfits in modern jazz. The Conduct Of Jazz represents Shipp's twelfth release in the format. Although Newman Taylor Baker makes his debut on the drum stool alongside monster bassist Michael Bisio, the familiar strengths are still evident: near telepathic interplay; ability to turn on a dime; robustly independent thought; instrumental virtuosity; and a willingness to subsume ego for the communal benefit. " - John Sharpe

"Anyway: This album feels short, just whizzes by in seven tracks of pure listening, head-bobbing, toe-tapping pleasure. It's probing stuff, as you'd expect, just chock-fulla ideas, curiosity and vigor  it's full of life. Shipp's bandmates offer more than just support for the pianist's fearsome flights, they sound like they all popped out of the same womb, connected within this music in amazingly organic and intuitive understanding of one another's hearts and minds." - John Payne

"The music is wrapped up with a wonderful lengthy stretched out improvised section where everyone gets a chance to shine especially Michael Bisio, who is simply magnificent. This is an extraordinary trio that makes very profound and yet highly accessible music."

"It is an album that should get attention for how it communicates vividly without compromising the spirit-essence of the Shipp way. He is one of the most important pianists on the scene now and this trio is essential in no lesser sense." - Grego Applegate Edwards

"Like Thelonious Monk before him, Matthew Shipp can take something basic and well established, like, say the blues, and shape it into something that?s far ahead in a dialect that no one will mistake for anyone else. And it?s an approach that enables him to be unconcerned about sounding too much like conventional even when he makes a conscious effort to stay within the established parameters of jazz. Michael Bisio and Newman Taylor Baker share that vision whole-heartedly, too. As a result, The Conduct of Jazz honors the real jazz tradition of breaking outside of previously placed constraints." - S. Victor Aaron

"The Conduct of Jazz" effortlessly shows how the music can be fiery, ornery, combative, difficult, and even hard while never abandoning a sense of swing or its soulful intelligence-that moving the heart and the brain aren't mutually exclusive endeavors. - Bret McCabe

"This is an all around great disc from a remarkable trio! Looking forward to hearing them live." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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