Michael Bisio & Kirk Knuffke Duo

Photo: Madeleine Ventrice - Knuffke


NPR Best music of 2016

Best of 2016 New York City Jazz Record : Honorable Mention

“This pairing of musicians really works.” - Paul Serralheiro

"I am hard pressed to think of a more successful piece of artistry for trumpet-bass duet. It is that good. These two are striking musical gold, no matter where you find yourself in the set. It clicks...like mad!" - Grego Applegate Edwards  gapplegateguitar.blogspot.com/2016/05/michael-bisio-kirk-knuffke-row-for.html

"This is a magical duo that sound as if they have been working together for a long time, sharing the same spirit and craft, like dancing shadows working together in joyous unison." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"Ultimately, though, while the possible gradations of interactive dynamics in improvisation are many, my favorite moments on Row for William O. are those that ground the album's overarching principle of tribute and influence on a concrete, fundamental level. These are the moments, again, of consonance, mutual reflection, and 'rhyme,' where Bisio and Knuffke pay homage not only to Bill Smith (and to Ornette, and to Neruda, and to) but also, in their sensitive interactions, to each other. " - Eric McDowell, freejazzblog.org/2016/05/michael-bisio-kirk-knuffke-row-for.html

"The pleasing contrast between Knuffke's floating lyricism and Bisio's brawny growling resonance, whether in counterpoint or partnership, is evident from the start. Such fluid interchange exemplifies the set, heard nowhere better than on the title track, where Bisio shows how tone rows can generate not only breezy unsentimental melody, but also dramatic give and take. Finally, after a trilling acappella cornet intro, the intimately choreographed dance of 'To Birds...' provides a fittingly accomplished end to a fine disc." - John Sharpe, The New York City Jazz Record

"Once again the communication borders on the preternatural.  'To Birds' carries the disc to a satiating conclusion with Knuffke sounding almost flute-like in a spiraling airborne stream of fluttering expulsions as Bisio saws away expressively beside him." - Derek Taylor, dustedmagazine.tumblr.com/post/145911861348/michael-bisio-kirk-knuffke-row-for-william-o

"The title track provokes an image of two friends having a conversation, sometimes playful, sometimes serious, but always sincere. Bisio switches to the bow, providing a platform for Knuffke's middle and upper register improvisations. Knuffke then returns the favor, stepping out while Bisio moves front and center for a heartfelt solo, and a moving tribute to his friend and mentor." - Randy Thaler,


Michael Bisio / Kirk Knuffke, Photo by Peter Gannushkin
Michael Bisio, photo by  Byron Smith

Photo: Peter Gannushkin DownTownMusic.net

Photo: Byron Smith

Michael Bisio / Kirk Knuffke, photo by Madeleine Ventrice - Knuffke  Kirk Knuffke, photo by Madeleine Ventrice - Knuffke
Michael Bisio / Kirk Knuffke, photo by Madeleine Ventrice - Knuffke

Photos:  Madeleine Ventrice - Knuffke

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